Be safe, a rescue message will be sent if you are unable to do it by yourself

SmartAlarm is an app which monitors the movement of your phone. If there is no movement of your phone in the event of an accident, illness or mishap, SmartAlarm can be set by the user to react after a predetermined time lapse. SmartAlarm will sound an alarm on your phone and if you don’t react it will send a text message to a contact person of your choosing. Your location can also be embedded so you can be found easily.

A few examples:

  • My mom stumbled in her garden, and she was unable to get up again. She had left her phone inside the house and could not call for help.
  • A man is working on his car, and gets stuck under it by accident. He has his phone in the pocket, but is unable to reach it
  • A woman drives late at night in a remote area. Unfortunately she has an accident and the car can't be seen from the road.
  • A mountainbike rider overturns, and gets unconscious deep in the forrest.
  • A cleaner in a factory slips on the stairs and brakes his leg. He is unable to reach his phone
  • A diabetic has a sugar crash, and can't figure out to call for help.
  • Someone just loses his phone on a picnic. Fortunately it sends a message where it can be found.

SmartAlert is like any other safety measure. Hopefully you never ever need it.
But in case you do, it might be the difference between life and death. For you or somebody you care about.

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